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Reno Skeptical Society, Inc. – Reno, Nevada, USA

About Reno Skeptics

Reno Skeptical Society, Inc. (aka: Reno Skeptics) is a Non-Profit, Tax-Exempt Corporation formed under the laws of the State of Nevada and is a Federal 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Educational Organization that exists for the purpose of promoting science education, rational thought and skeptical inquiry.

Our mission is to educate those in Northern Nevada and the Lake Tahoe Area to the application and benefits of the scientific method and critical thought; and to the growing local promotion of pseudoscience, paranormal, supernatural and other extraordinary, unproven beliefs.


Reno Skeptics typically remains neutral on issues of politics and religion, as other organizations exist that are better suited to, and organized for these purposes.  However, issues that cause physical, psychological, monetary or other harm will be explored.

Reno Skeptics' primary goals are to:

1) Promote science education and increased awareness of pseudoscience and other extraordinary claims or beliefs;

2) Provide well researched comment and rebuttal to the promotion of pseudoscience in Northern Nevada and the
     Lake Tahoe Area;

3) Protect the public from misinformation and fraud;

4) Support educators and students of science through sponsorship and scholarships;

Serve as a reference for local media and other educational organizations;

Build partnerships and unite the local science-based community.


Reno Skeptics maintains a social group on   Reno Skeptics Meetup Group

Reno Skeptics' Facebook page can be found at  Reno Skeptics on Facebook

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