Wand’rin Star Astronomical Observatory is a project of Reno Skeptical Society, Inc.

         Wand'rin Star Astronomical Observatory is currently functional in an open-deck configuration. Most of our equipment may also be utilized as a mobile observatory and moved to remote locations. Plans are progressing for permanent telescope mounting piers and a modest indoor control center/research facility.

The observatory is a small, private, amateur educational and research facility located in the high desert of northern Nevada. At nearly one mile in elevation, with clean air, minimal obstructions and far from city lights (Bortle 3/4), the site commands outstanding views of the night and daytime skies. With planetary, deep space and solar visual observational and astroimaging capabilities, the facility and its equipment may be made available to qualified educators, students, researchers, photographers and artists.

Equipment: The observatory has four primary telescopes.

  • 1 Schmidt-Cassegrain optical tube with 203.2mm (8”) aperture and 2032mm (80”) focal length affixed to a computerized German Equatorial mount.
  • 2 EdgeHD aplanatic, astrograph-quality flat field Schmidt-Cassegrain optical tube with 356mm (14”) aperture and 3910mm (154”) focal length affixed to a computerized German Equatorial mount.
  • 3 Solar refractor, a dedicated solar instrument with double stacked Hydrogen-Alpha etalon filters, 90mm (3.54”) aperture and 800mm (31.5”) focal length affixed to a computerized German Equatorial mount.
  • 4 91mm APO Refractor, 540mm focal length, f/5.9 affixed to a computerized German Equatorial mount.

Astrophotography Capabilities

All four telescopes have astro-imaging capabilities as well as standard visual observational functionality. Various cameras, eyepieces, filters, focal reducers, adapters, and other accessories are available.

Both Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes can also be configured with white-light filters for solar observation and imaging.